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Recursion, a new album by eassae

Recursion is my first EP release under my new moniker eassae. Recorded over a month spent on a small island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, this 24-minute track takes you on a journey that starts with a simple idea that feeds back into itself to culminate in an eclectic, electronic wonderland.

{} The Empty Set, eassae’s 8th studio album, is fifteen tracks of pure, mischievous fun. Things aren’t always as they seem in this four-on-the-floor, bass thumping, thrill ride, that is empty and beyond because it exists.

2018 LP by NAUGHT a.k.a. Eric Scott

Always As It Is, eassae’s 7th studio album, is a fourteen-track cinematic musical wonderland filled with luscious synths, booming 808 kicks, orchestral swells, and eerie vocal recordings that tell baroque tales and conjure ethereal imagery.

What We Let Live

What We Let Live, eassae’s 6th album, is a twenty-track electronic monster that will take you on a one-hour-and-twenty-minute phantasmagorical auditory thrill ride through melodically mangled soundscapes and harmonic hyperspheres that will push the limits of where you thought sound could take you.

Lost Kings and Bored Spacemen

Lost Kings and Bored Spacemen, my 5th studio album, consists of eleven musical storytelling tracks that are not easy to classify into any single genre. The LP pulls heavily from classical and jazz without being either; there is a dose of almost every division of electronica, but it doesn’t remain in any single category long […]

The Last Animal Standing

My 4th album, The Last Animal Standing, is now available from Abandon Building Records’ ACrawlsPace! All ten new tracks are available to download here, and also on a limited edition cd here in the States and in Japan from p*dis. Check out the video for Outweighed by Monotonous Impetus created by Matt Yarrington and Sarah Winters:  

Requiem for the Living

Released in 2007, my 3rd album, Requiem for the Living, is a soundscape populated by playful classical instrumentation and accompanied by mischievous synthesized sounds that live together, sometimes in harmony, sometimes with tension, and always with a sense of dialectical exploration.

Absence of a Straight Line

A path is never narrow. In the absence is ontology. Axioms fall down and are held back up again, with never-correct thoughts. My 2nd album, Absence of a Straight Line, asks questions that I have no answers for.

Conspiracy of Good and Evil

My first album, Conspiracy of Good and Evil, is pure play with forces that seem disparate but are often more similar than you might think, or would like to admit.