A portrait of eassae


I approach a small square one-story clapboard covered cottage. Grass surrounds it on all sides which is enclosed by a waist high chain link fence. Near the gate to the fence stands a man doing yard work. I know him by the name Kaspar Hauser. I wonder to myself if he is the historical figure Kaspar Hauser. I feel a great amount of animosity from him as I pass through the gate and head to the front door of the house.

I’m descending the stairs into the basement. As I pass through the door at the base of the stairs I enter a large room that has glass walls on all sides; the floor is glass as well. I see the faint outlines of giant sea creatures passing by below me and realize the room is underneath a massive ice sheet.

I see a hallway in one corner of the room. I go towards it and see that there is a door situated past bric-a-brac shelves and a washer and dryer. The door has a ribbon on the knob, and a piece of cardboard leaning against it with a sheet of paper suspended between it and the door. This is Kaspar’s room, and he has put these things there to make sure no one has entered when he is away.

I make the decision to go in. I’m making conscious decisions at this point, but I don’t realize that I’m dreaming so I’m only partially lucid. I move the cardboard letting the paper fall, then brush the ribbon away as I turn the knob. I enter a square room with white painted walls, the light is on, there isn’t a single piece of furniture.

I sense somebody coming and crouch into a corner of the room perpendicular to the door. I can tell that Kaspar is outside and that he is angry. I call out to him. He enters, now he is a young boy. I try and apologize for entering his room without permission. He doesn’t look at me, but walks towards the opposite wall and pins something to it. Suddenly the lights go out. I can see the faint outline of the boy from the light in the hall. He rushes at me and in the process changes to a young girl. Right before she is about to grab me I wake up.